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Meet The Brewer

Stoney Creek BrewHouse is a one man show.  Like many beer lovers, Greg learned about balancing the water, grains, hops, and yeast while serving all over the country during his 20+ years in the Coast Guard.  Many years brewing with water from different locations Greg has turned into a water nerd of sorts, keenly interested in how the local water impacts flavor and brew outcomes.  After developing his love for Alaska and friendships with brewers around the state, Seward became the perfect location to serve fresh suds.  


Glacier fed and solar run, Stoney Creek BrewHouse uses the natural waters and environment to create locally driven craft beer.   With a shallow water table, it has the right minerals and pH to bring crisp IPAs, farmhouse Belgians, and smooth West Coast lagers  to your glass.  The brewery follows along side Stoney and Salmon creeks and in the shadow of Tiehacker Mountain and Mt. Eva and glaciers above.


The summer of 2021 introduced wonderful friendships with experienced Alaskans committed to making great foods.  We distribute throughout Seward and Alaska to share our amazing piece of this wild place we call home.  With IPAs that balance aromatic hops and an amber drawing from German traditions, each of Stoney Creek beers are crafted to be enjoyed after swapping stories of adventures on the water and in the mountains.

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